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On July 28, 2007 Master Brian West won all first places

in Master Divisions (6th dan and up) at the Isshinryu

Hall of Fame. Congratulations!

Sep. 30, 2006 Don Nagle World Karate Championships -

Bayonne, NJ. Grand Champion and Champion with

tournament director Grandmaster Ralph Passero

Sensei Michael Nguyen took first place in Kata and 2nd in Weapons, behind his brother.

Sensei Richard Nguyen won all Kata, Weapons, Kumite, and won the Kumite Grand

Championship Title - a 6 foot 4 inch trophy.

Aug. 4-5, 2006 Isshin-Ryu Hall Of Fame - Gatlinburg, TN

IHOF Champions with Grandmaster Harold Mitchum,

Grandmaster Tom Lewis and Master Wayne Wayland

Alan Jacobs, Lori Clark, Wayne Wayland, Harold Mitchum,Tom Lewis,

Richard Nguyen, and Michael Nguyen.

Grandmaster Tom Lewis - 2006 Hall of Fame Inductee,

Sensei Michael Nguyen - 2006 Karate-ka Of The Year & 2004 Competitor Of The Year,

Sensei Richard Nguyen - 2005 Competitor Of The Year & 2003 Karate-ka Of The Year.

Michael Nguyen is congratulated by Grandmaster Ralph Passero (1994 Hall of Fame

Inductee) of NJ, while Ginny Nguyen and Master Carol Burris are talking about Michael

at the IHOF.

Ginny Nguyen, Richard Nguyen, Grandmaster Harold Mitchum of Tennessee -

a living legend of Isshin-Ryu karate, and Michael Nguyen.

Sensei Richard Nguyen's Sai kata.

Sensei Michael Nguyen's Bo kata.

Michael Nguyen's 1st place and Richard Nguyen's 2nd place in Weapons. It's

tough for the Nguyen brothers to be in the same Weapons division, but

Richard did his best to second only to his older brother.

Chucky Mady of Canada and Michael Nguyen show off their winnings after their

good controlled kumite championship match. Amanda is watching.

Sensei Michael Nguyen is coaching his brother Richard.

Jake, a student of Grandmaster Denny Shaffer from SC, and Richard Nguyen are

sharing a moment of friendship.

July 8th, 2006 Canada World Karate Championships

Our dad (coach) always emphasizes to stretch, stretch, and stretch ...

Sensei West, are you ready for kumite?

Richard, what a great shoot.

You are not only a great karate-ka, but also talented in photography.

Another great photo by Richard.

Sensei Richard Nguyen, 13, is ready for the Kumite Grand Championship match versus

Sensei Chucky Mady, 17, of Canada.

Grand Champions with Master Wayne Wayland of Virginia and tournament

director Master Albert Mady of Canada

Sensei West won Kata and Weapons Championships in the Senior Instructor divisions.

Sensei Michael Nguyen won Kata and Weapons Championships, 2nd in Kumite, and

won the Weapons Grand Championship .

Sensei Richard Nguyen won all Kata, Weapons, Kumite Championships, and also

won the Kata Grand Championship.

Master Albert Mady kindly collects images of the Championships at his dojo's website,

to see more photos, click 2006 Tournament Photos.

We stayed at the Hilton hotel, a beautifully located waterfront hotel in Windsor Ontario

Canada, overlooking Detroit, MI.

Thanks to Ginny Nguyen for the suites on the 19th floor with a gorgeous panoramic view

of the Detroit River and skyline.

We all had a great time in Windsor, Canada.

Across the river is the Detroit waterfront with the round GM skyscraper.

April 22nd, 2006 King George Karate Championships -

A Three-For-Three Grand Champion Sweep

I would like to thank Master Nga Pham for inviting my family and Sensei West to his

home the evening before the tournament. He also let us touch Soke Tatsuo Shimabuku's

original black belt.

We met Master Wayne Wayland and his students, Lori Clark and Alan Jacobs.

Lori's due date was a week before the tournament, but her baby refused to come out,

so she signed up to compete in kata and weapons. She asked Master Wayland for

allowing her to compete in kumite, but he told her, "it's child abuse!"

We also met Master Pham's student, Ken Cooke, who has just trained in Isshin-ryu for

2 months and competed in kata division. I have great respect for these karate-kas

(karate students) for their dedication to Isshin-ryu karate. Thanks Master Hovey and

Master Wayland for always welcoming us. ~ Chau Nguyen ~

From left: Chau Nguyen, Nga Pham, Richard Nguyen (grand champion),

Rickey Cobb, Brian West (grand champion), Wayne Wayland,

Michael Nguyen (grand champion), Karl Kazuo Hovey, and Ginny Nguyen

Master Wayne Wayland of Virginia kindly provides videos of all three Grandchampions -

Sensei Richard Nguyen, Sensei Michael Nguyen, and Sensei Brian West, at King

George Championships at the Bohan's website, to view, click Movie. And

Sensei Eamonn Knights of Maryland also kindly provides images of King George

Championships at his dojo's website, to view, click Action Photo P1, Action Photo P2

Oct. 2005 West Chester Open Classic -

A Four-For-Four Grand Champion Sweep (from left)

Richard Nguyen, Brian West, Michael Nguyen, and Jon Frick

Isshin-ryu Hall Of Fame Champions with Grandmaster

Tom Lewis and Master Wayne Wayland (from left)

Lori Clark, Tom Lewis (first generation student of Soke Tatsuo Shimabuku),

Michael Nguyen, Brian West, Richard Nguyen, Wayne Wayland, and Alan Jacobs

Michael Nguyen (at ages 12, 13 &14) - Kumite in Houston, TX,

Tennessee, and New York

Richard Nguyen (at ages 8, 10, 11, & 12) - Kumite in Houston, TX,

West Chester, PA, Chicago, IL, and Winston-Salem, NC

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Hamlin, NY - Feb. 28th, 2004 - Congratulations to

Michael Nguyen for promotion to San Dan (3rd degree black belt)

Charlie Michels to Yon Dan (4th degree black belt)

after enduring four hours of testing that includes basics, katas, bunkai, weapons,

weapon kumite, and kumite. From left: Charlie Michels, Joe Costantino,

Michael Nguyen, Brian West, and Dave Tomaselli

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Webster Dojo

West Martial Arts - Webster, NY

Our Black Belts

Weapons Class instructed by Sensei Richard Nguyen,

Sensei Michael Nguyen and Sensei Brian West

Sensei Brian West & Sensei Michael Nguyen

Sensei Baltazar Melendez & Sensei Brian West

Sensei Brian West & Sensei Michael Nguyen

Sensei Michael Nguyen & Sensei Brian West

Sensei Michael Nguyen & Sensei Brian West

Sensei Michael Nguyen & Sensei Brian West

Sensei Richard Nguyen & Sensei Brian West

Sensei Richard Nguyen & Sensei Michael Nguyen

Sensei Richard Nguyen & Sensei Baltazar Melendez

Jon Frick & Sensei Richard Nguyen

Jon Frick & Sensei Richard Nguyen

Sensei Michael Nguyen teaches advanced class - March 2006

Sensei Brian West and Sensei Michael Nguyen teach

students how to improve their kata - March 2006

Our future black belts - March 2006

2nd row from left: Mike, Jake, Janelle, Brandon, Matt

1st row from left: Miranda, Madison, Mike

Sensei Brian West and Sensei Richard Nguyen demo at

Schlegel Road Elementary School, Webster, NY, during

Japanese/Okinawan Culture Week - 2003

Students at Webster dojo

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Ontario Dojo

West Martial Arts - Ontario, NY

Photo by Kevin Van Hout - March 2006

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